Formula 1 2014 Season (Turbo Edition)

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Formula 1 2014 Season (Turbo Edition) Empty Formula 1 2014 Season (Turbo Edition)

Post by The Rainmaker on Wed Feb 19, 2014 8:47 pm

A thread for all Formula 1 related shenanigans as the new season starts soon.

Testing has started in earnest. The new cars are being revealed, complete with 'ant eater' noses and of course the return to Turbo Mode.

Two big names at Ferrari, the return of Kobayashi, the departure of Di Resta. News of Vettel struggling with the new car (which probably means title number 5 on the way. )

New rules and regulations aplenty, so here's hoping for a more interesting season.

I may even look at some kind of prediction contest for this season (you know, as my football one went so well. )

So feel free to drivel on and/or rant about Vettel here.

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