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The Iron Sheik!!! Empty The Iron Sheik!!!

Post by Robstar on Tue Jun 10, 2014 6:23 pm

SilverGhost;304193 wrote:Post your funny and awesome moments of Shieky Baby here! He deserves his own thread here in EWN.

Robstar;792594 wrote:

K2Jelly;780592 wrote:

Robstar;759755 wrote:Haha.

The Iron Sheik has decided to share his thoughts on Glenn Beck, via Twitter. Here s what he had to say…

"the @glennbeck you deserve to be waist deep in dog sh*t drink gasoline you insult my fans Im going to beat the f*ck out of you dumb b*tch"

"The @glennbeck win Oscar for go f*ck yourself you dumb piece of sh*t no good motherf*cker I beat the f*ck out of you put you in camel clutch"

"%10000 The @glennbeck have raisin balls and rice crispy d*ck"

"@davidarquette bubba you said it perfect. The @glennbeck biggest piece of sh*t c*cksucker who mother is worse than chris brown"

"Live and Let Die new name if the @glennbeck in it called Die Now You No Good Motherf*cker #teamsheikie"

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Robstar;686397 wrote:[video=youtube;BxtfSt6RTzE][/video]

Robstar;686394 wrote:[video=youtube;yJ4hoKY22DA][/video]

Not in such great shape here!

Tomsta666;686328 wrote:The Sheik the funny guy on twitter, follow him or go fuck yourself dog shit rice dicks.

Here's an example of his pearls of wisdom...

The Iron Sheik ‏@the_ironsheik
Chris brown deserve to get raped by 50 dead dogs and shit on by 50 Mexican midgets who have AIDS

AWrestlingGod;686267 wrote:[video=youtube;P9PXTipcusk][/video]

Here he is talking about a few jabronis.

Robstar;686108 wrote:[video=youtube;1Ume3tzWafw][/video]

Robstar;686093 wrote:If anyone ever needed a dedicated thread, it's The Iron Sheik. Let's get the party started in here!


Iron Ape;307798 wrote:

I've got $20 on Beetlejuice.

Iron Ape;305705 wrote:The video that started it all (Sheik's resurgence, I mean):

It's hilarious how for all of the shit that Sheik talks about Warrior, here he is throwing a camel-sized man-tantrum because the guy won't shake his freakin' hand. And poor Eric Simms has to be the one to pay for it.

Dr. Death;304211 wrote:Here's an interview of Sheik

The Iron Sheik!!! Ddgjo1
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