What will they do?

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What will they do? Empty What will they do?

Post by Vegas_Bloodstone on Sat May 24, 2014 12:41 am

So right now The Shield and The Wyatts are on fire but everyone knows that it won't last. My question is where do they go from here? What do they do? When these two factions break up what will the members do? Bray's gimmick will eventually bore people. Harper and Rowan will likely never be more than mid carders and Rowan will be lucky if he has a job when the family breaks up. Roman Reigns has a bright future ahead of him and I believe he can play either a heel or a face rather well. He does need some work with promos but a good manager would help as well. Dean and Seth are both amazing in the ring and on the mic but their size may hold them back. They will definitely hold mid card gold and maybe main event but I won't hold my breath. Where do you see these six men ending up when the factions break up?

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