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Post by Robstar on Tue May 20, 2014 5:48 pm

I had no idea this was Bellator's first PPV. Not sure selling it off the back of two former UFC stars is a great idea either. Rampage vs King Mo should have been a draw at the very least.

Tito, yeah he's been treated badly by the UFC at times but the guy is also a huge douchebag too. I seem to recall him saying "Tito's back! I'm back!" when he beat Ryan Bader and then got his ass handed to him the next 3 times he went out there. Fact is, the guys he's fighting are better, more well rounded these days and that poor Russian, who was well underweight, was not a top level opponent. Oh yeah, nice try Tito but your Hulk Hogan impression sucked. Despite the fact that his ego rubs me up the wrong way, I still wouldn't mind seeing a few ex-UFCers give Dana a few sleepless nights.

DDP and Dixie Carter were filmed in the audience. Not surprising since half their roster (Bellator 120 Wink) seemed to be fighting on the night too. Bellator 120 Tongue

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